(English) Highest Possible Score for the SSAT

SSAT-Upper-Level-Score-Report-Sample ssat-scoringA perfect score on the SAT is 2400.  Is it the same as the SSAT?

It depends…

Upper Level SSAT Perfect Score

For the Upper Level Test, it is a 2400 which obtains you perfect marks on the Secondary School Admission Test.  However, it doesn’t JUST give you a perfect score, but it also tells you that you’re in the top 1% of the country scoring a 99% percentile in each of the three categories of the test: Verbal, Math & Reading (rated against test takers for the past 3 years).

An example of an Upper Level SSAT Test report is here.

Middle Level SSAT Perfect Score

For the Middle Level Test, it’s a little different.  First off, you’re in the 5th through 7th grades for the Middle Level Test and you’re in the 8th through 11th grades if you’re taking the Upper Level Test.

The lowest possible score is a 440 and the highest is

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(English) SSAT Scoring Options

ssat scoreThe SSAT provides many Test Scoring Services here.  The scores range from having an alert sent to you when the scores are released to having an extra copy of your writing sample sent to you.

Audit/Verification of your SSAT Test Score Service

You can also challenge the computerized scoring of your tests by getting a “Hand Scoring” of your test.  It will cost you $60 USD to see what they say “Please note that it has been SSAT’s experience that few, if any, hand scores result in a score change. ”  Also, they won’t provide you the actual test questions and it will take up to one month after to obtian the hand scoring results.

You can also Re-score if your student took the wrong level SSAT

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